After getting many requests to offer a decaf we've finally found one that lives up to the standards we've set with our brand Café Zentimana.  After sampling many cups in many different ways and being so impressed with the flavor and drinkability we decided that this is the one our customers are looking for...... Now let us tell you all about it!

A company in nearby Manizales is the only facility in Colombia that uses a special natural sugarcane EA (ethyl acetate) decaffeination process that results in a truly delicious coffee with 99.9% of the caffeine removed.  This natural EA is obtained from a sugar cane based process along with mountain spring water which are the only elements that come into contact with the coffee.  This process allows for a gentle extraction of the caffeine avoiding excessive heat or pressure that helps maintain the natural structure & characteristics of the coffee beans. 

This is the only Colombian coffee naturally decaffeinated at origin and they're just a few miles away.  We like having the freshest coffee to offer our customers!! 

With our new ZDecaf you can now enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee anytime of the day with no worries of losing beauty sleep or upsetting a sensitive stomach.  We're also offering a special 1/2caf of our favorite roasts (med, dark, & honey) that results in some really tasty blends that are easy on sensitive stomachs and great for late-day or night cups of Zentimana.