Next Roast/Shipping Date is Aug. 8th

Please order by Aug. 6th


Choose a Combination

With our minimum purchase amount of $40.00 (2 bags of regular coffee) choose 2 bags of your favorite roasts or mix+match any of our roasts and chocolate offerings.

We Make it Fresh

We personally “skin” the coffee just before the roast date then take to our roaster in town who then roasts to perfection.  

The Chocolate is Hand-crafted by Ana in small batches every month.


After packaging it’s then picked up by FedEx who then delivers right to your door.

You Enjoy it

Sit back and enjoy your delicious monthly goodies.

Get Started 

Select your favorite combination to get started with your monthly Delivery.

With our minimum purchase amount of $42.00, decide between coffee, chocolate, or both. 

Coffee Combinations

2- 12oz bags of coffee (med, dark, or a.m.blend)  


2 - 12oz bags of The Ohm Blend

2 - 12oz bags of specialty Honey roast

1 -12oz bag of reg. roast (med, dark, or a.m.blend) + 1 -12oz bag of The Ohm Blend

1 -12oz bag of reg. roast (med, dark, or a.m.blend) + 1 -12oz bag of honey roast

Half ZDecaf - Decaffeinated coffee Blend  Email a friend 1- 12oz bag of ZDecaf + 1- 12oz bag 1/2 ZDecaf


We'd love to hear from you...

Please contact us directly if you have special needs or want to order "unusual" amounts.  We're happy to work out special prices for customers looking for large orders or long-term relationships.  We have a great relationship with our roaster & have ability to ship via FedEx when needed.

Write to us at [email protected]

(57) 322 822 9265